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A Message from GRTU’s President Rafael Torres - I would like to thank everyone for the well wishes over the last few weeks on my election to the Presidency of the GRTU Board. It is an honor and privilege to head this important organization tasked with stewardship of the cold water conservation efforts in Texas. For those of you that do not know me, I’ve served on the Board of Directors, Vice President of Chapter Affairs and most recently as the last National Leadership Committee Representative.… Read more
Troutfest Texas 2017 Troutfest Texas ’17 Success Benefits Youth & Non-Profits – Michael Racis - It takes dedication, planning, fresh ideas and great partners to pull off a successful GRTU Troutfest Texas event. All those elements came together making Troutfest Texas 2017 our most successful one to date.… Read more

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GRTU Sends Local Teens to National TU Teen Summit – Dakus Geeslin - GRTU has once again stepped up to the plate in a big way by providing funding for two area teens to attend the TU Teen Summit National Leadership Conference. Each of the last three years GRTU leadership has approved funding to cover travel expenses and tuition for a couple of local teens to attend the Teen Summit.… Read more
Summer ’17 Fisheries Update – Jimbo Roberts - We are just one good rain over the upper basin from having the lake hit pool and have sustaining summer flows for our Trout. How likely are we to have the flow agreement to kick in? Pretty good! Of course, it has… Read more
Get Involved Get Involved with TU NLC Workgroups – Mark Dillow - Under the framework of the National Leadership Council (NLC) are a number of workgroups, focused on addressing items TU believes are of vital importance. Some examples are the Diversity Workgroup, Climate Change, and Native Trout.… Read more
River Cleanup Days Guadalupe River Clean Up Days Coming This Summer – Mark Dillow - Plans are underway for two clean up days on the Guadalupe tailrace this summer. We are targeting weekends shortly after three-day holidays, when the influx of river usage is high and the need for trash clean up is greater. The current plans involve asking… Read more

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