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National Leadership Council Update – Mark Dillow

More information about the NLC can be found at  and on page 20 of the spring edition of TROUT magazine.

The COVID pandemic has required changes from everyone, including Trout Unlimited.

At this writing, the national office staff is working from home, and the date to re-open the offices is pending.

In-person chapter meetings and regional rendezvous have been postponed or cancelled. The TU Annual Membership meeting will be a virtual event, with meetings occurring on Zoom. The meeting is scheduled for Oct 25. 

Next fall our hope is to hold our in-person annual meeting in Bangor, Maine which was the intended location this year.

In spite of the pandemic, NLC workgroups continue meeting regularly to continue the work of TU in conservation work groups and organizational workgroups. Participation in a work group is open to members in good standing – one need not be an NLC member to participate. More information about each work group is located at the NLC link noted at the beginning of this article.

Conservation Workgroups Organizational Work Groups
Access Communications
Climate Change Diversity & Inclusion
Delaware River Grassroots
Driftless Area Restoration Effort New Initiatives
Great Lakes Youth Education
Land Conservancy  
Native Trout  
Responsible Energy  

 We are presently working to fill two Grassroots Trustee positions. Eight candidates have been presented, and interviews will be complete by the end of July. Successful nominees will be presented to the NLC for approval Aug 24. The slate of candidates will be voted on at the Annual Meeting.

Finally – one of my roles as your NLC rep is to act as GRTU’s representative in the national forum for ideas, issues, or concerns from Texas. If you have an item you think needs the attention of the national organization, please email me at

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