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Summer 2020 Edition

We’re excited to bring our members new content each quarter including, GRTU’s updates, regional and nation wide insight, and much more.

A Message from the President – Rafael Torres - Hopefully, this newsletter finds everyone safe and well, its been a strange end to our current LAP and stranger start to our summer in the shadow of COVID-19.  As you all have probably realized, our Chapter meeting (face to face) will not be happening however, we encourage you to stay… Read more
TFTX 2021 Update TFTX 2021 Cancelled Due to COVID-19 Concerns - In light of the on-going situation regarding COVID-19, and after significant discussions and debate, the Board of Directors of Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited (GRTU) has decided that it will not host the Troutfest TX (TFTX) event in 2021, and instead will focus on 2022 for the next event. The GRTU… Read more
TFTX 2020 Banner Troutfest TX 2020 Recap – Lise Lozelle - Thankfully Troutfest TX 2020 took place before COVID-19 changed the world. Thank you to the small army of GRTU volunteers that dedicated their time and talent to make this year’s event a huge success! Once again, the Friday night banquet sold out, we had a… Read more
Los Pinos 2020-1 Los Pinos Fishing Trip – Jimbo Roberts - This COVID-19 pandemic has put the world on it's ear and it would really interfere with my normal fly fishing adventures. I fished the Guadalupe up to March 15. Just when this year’s dry fly fishing was really picking up, I decided that, with my 91-year-old mother living with me… Read more
November 2020 GRTU Annual Meeting – Bill Marshall - From our By Laws: The Annual Meeting of the Chapter shall be held on a date set by the Board of Directors, to elect Directors and conduct other business of the Chapter. The President and the Treasurer shall present annual reports to the members. Notice of the Annual Meeting shall… Read more
Lease Access Update – Dustin Scott - The GRTU Lease Access Program will be open for enrollment on Thursday, October 1, 2020. If you are new to GRTU, the Lease Access Program (LAP), is a partnership with multiple private landowners to provide access to river. There will be between 16-18 access spots on the Guadalupe with limited… Read more
Fisheries 2020-2 GRTU Summer 2020 Fishing Report – Dan Cone - The word for the Guadalupe in Summer 2020 is “hot.” Inflow and outflow at Canyon Lake are currently below average for this time of year. On the upside, the lake is close to full and a couple of good rains this fall might give us some nice flows by December.  Due… Read more
National Leadership Council Update – Mark Dillow - More information about the NLC can be found at  and on page 20 of the spring edition of TROUT magazine. The COVID pandemic has required changes from everyone, including Trout Unlimited. At this writing, the national office staff is working from home, and the date to re-open the offices… Read more

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