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Comal WORD has specific river laws pertaining to the Guadalupe River inside Comal County. These include:

  • No styrofoam containers
  • No glass
  • No plastic containers of 5oz. or less

GRTU encourages all anglers on the river to practice catch and release, using single hooks (no treble hooks) that are barbless to best protect the fish in the river.  All GRTU Lease Access Members (LAP), as part of their inclusion in the program, agree to practice catch and release on all trout caught on the Guadalupe River downstream of Canyon Dam

If you are not a LAP member and do want to keep a fish, there are various regulations mandated by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) regarding keeping trout on the Guadalupe River below Canyon Dam.

It All Started in the 60's With Lone Star Beer & Some Rainbow Trout

TPWD Regulations for Trout on the Guadalupe River Tailwater

  • From the base of Canyon Dam to a point 800 yards downstream of the dam, as marked by large signs posted on both sides of the river, the statewide bag limit of five fish per day, with no restriction on method in taking the fish is enforced
  • From the signs posted 800 yards downstream from Canyon Dam to the eastern most crossing of FM306,
  • Trout
    • Outside special trout zones
      • For rainbow and brown trout, their hybrids and subspecies, there is no minimum length and daily bag limit = 5 trout in any combination.
    • 800 yards downstream from Canyon Dam release downstream to east bridge on Hwy 306
      • For rainbow and brown trout, length limit is a 12-18 inch slot. Trout 12 inches and less or 18 inches or greater in length may be retained. Daily bag = 5 trout and only one trout 18 inches or longer may be retained. Harvest of trout is by artificial lures only. See Pole and Line for special restrictions on lures in this area.
    • From east Hwy 306 bridge crossing downstream to 2nd crossing on River Road
      • For rainbow and brown trout, minimum length is 18 inches and daily bag limit is one fish. Harvest of trout is by artificial lures only. See Pole and Line for special restrictions on lures in this area.
    • Pole and Line special Restrictions
      • In the Guadalupe River in Comal County starting 800 yards downstream from the Canyon Dam release and extending downstream to the second bridge crossing on River Road, rainbow and brown trout may not be retained when taken by any method except artificial lures. In this area only, artificial lures cannot contain or have attached either whole or portions, living or dead, of organisms such as fish, crayfish, insects (grubs, larvae or adults) or worms, any other animal or vegetable material, or synthetic scented materials. This does not prohibit the use of artificial lures that contain components of hair or feathers. It is an offense to possess rainbow and brown trout while fishing with any other device in that part of the Guadalupe River defined in this paragraph.

See the TPWD website for regulations on all fish species on the Guadalupe River


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