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The Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited is currently the largest chapter with over 5,500 members throughout Texas.

Trout Unlimited National Membership (TU)

All National TU members who reside in Texas are automatically assigned to the Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited (GRTU) chapter. TU Membership levels range from regular individual adult, teen, family, business, and life memberships, And the current National TU membership fees can be found on the application form.

All regular memberships include:

  • Membership in the local chapter (GRTU)
  • Subscription to TROUT Magazine
  • Discounts on travel, fly fishing gear and more
  • Member-only giveaways & sweepstakes
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Register with TU National & Join GRTU

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GRTU Lease Access Program (LAP)

In addition to providing a way to join TU, the GRTU Lease Access Program allows lease members to access the river at several private locations. Click below to find out more info!

Change Your TU Membership Information

A simple way to check or update your membership status and information is by contacting our Membership Services team by using this contact form or calling 1-800-834-2419. Your email address and membership number will help us verify your record and make any changes.

Direct Donations

You can make direct donations to any GRTU fund at anytime.


Protecting, reconnecting, restoring and sustaining our cold water fisheries. It’s what we are here to do.


Our lease access program allows members access to fish the Guadalupe River at many private locations.


Engaging our young people in river ecology, conservation and fly fishing with an expert hosted parent/child weekend on the river.