Guadalupe Now – Coldwater Outreach Conservation Fund

Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited could not exist without volunteers. Our mission is to have an organization that makes a difference for its members and the trout fishery that we all love. We have a wide range of services that require voluntary help: membership, meetings, community events, newsletter, conservation, computer, fisheries, etc. etc. The web based survey from earlier this year identified a large number of people willing to make a contribution of their time, but we’ve not been effective in utilizing this potential. To become a more effective organization, the chapter is implementing a committee structure to utilize as many of our members as possible, who want to volunteer their time.

GRTU Committees and Responsibilities


  • Flow issues
  • River Defense Fund
  • Onstream and community projects
  • Sponsoring and conducting studies of the river; like Guadalupe Now
  • Water temperature and quality monitoring


  • Teaching members and others about: Cold water conservation, Flyfishing
  • Encouraging women and children to take up trout fishing and become cold water conservationists through programs like: Trout Fest, Kid Fish, First Cast
  • Casting for Recovery
  • Spreading the word about GRTU and its mission through events like the TPWD 
  • Expo, Shallow Water Show, etc.


  • Acquiring, maintaining, and enforcing leases
  • Arranging, scheduling, organizing, and conducting trout stockings
  • Coordinating stocking and fingerlings programs with TPWD


  • Processing new and returning member applications
  • Printing and disbursing lease passes and parking permits
  • Maintaining an accurate listing of new members and lease members
  • Coordinating membership activities with TU National and its programs
  • Arranging, scheduling, and teaching lease orientation classes

Public Affairs

  • Chapter communications, including the website and newsletter
  • Public relations activities, including contact with the media
  • Contacts and relationships with outside individuals or organizations, including: WORD, TU National, TPWD, Legislators/politicians, CCA, FFF
  • Lake Yellowstone – Lake Trout mitigation