Volunteers Needed for GRTU

GTRU is a 100% volunteer supported organization, and we welcome additional volunteers to support our mission and activities.


GTRU is a 100% volunteer supported organization, and we welcome additional volunteers to support our mission and activities. Some of the areas where we regularly count on volunteer support are listed below, along with a contact who can let you know what type of volunteer support is currently needed.

Troutfest TX

  • There are a multitude of opportunities to volunteer to support Troutfest TX, including attendee check in, event parking, sponsor/donor coordination and coordination, banquet set-up and execution and a whole lot more
  • Public relations activities, including contact with the media
  • Contact: Bill Marshall or Lise Lozelle at marshallw@grtu.flywheelsites.com or lozellel@grtu.flywheelsites.com


  • River cleanup days
  • On-stream and community projects
  • Sponsoring and conducting studies of the river
  • Water temperature and quality monitoring
  • State and nationwide conservation project assessment and support
  • Contact: Chris Johnson at johnsonc@grtu.flywheelsites.com


  • Teaching members and others about cold water conservation, and fly fishing
  • Supporting Trout in the Classroom, and other education programs
  • Contact: Ron McAlpin at mcalpinr@grtu.flywheelsites.com
Volunteer with GRTU
Volunteer with GRTU


  • Acquiring, maintaining, and enforcing leases
  • Arranging, scheduling, organizing, and conducting trout stockings
  • Coordinating stocking and fingerlings programs with TPWD
  • Contact: Dan Cone at coned@grtu.flywheelsites.com

LAP Membership

  • Processing new and returning member applications
  • Printing and disbursing lease access passes and parking permits
  • Creating educational materials on lease access program
  • Maintaining an accurate listing of new members and lease members
  • Arranging, scheduling, and teaching lease orientation classes
  • Contact: Robilyn Pettit at pettitr@grtu.flywheelsites.com

Public Affairs

  • Creating chapter communications, including our website, social media, emails and newsletters
  • Public relations activities, including contact with the media
  • Promotional activities for Troutfest TX, Youth Trout Camp, Lease Access Program, Coldwater Outreach Conservation Fund, GRTU donations to other non-profit organizations
  • Contact: Michael Racis at news@grtu.flywheelsites.com

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Support efforts to increase female and BPOC engagement with GRTU
  • Identify new opportunities for GRTU diversity outreach
  • Support diversity in communications, events and other initiatives
  • Contact: Joshua Crumpton at crumptonj@grtu.flywheelsites.com



Youth Trout Camp

Youth Trout Camp Amber Muttoni

GRTU Service Partnership

Trout Unlimited’s Service Partnership began in July 2020 as an expansion of the Veterans Service Partnership (VSP), which began in 2011 as an initiative to serve our nation’s active duty service men and women, reservists, veterans and their families, and engage them in meaningful and sustainable ways with TU Chapter activities.

In July 2020, TU formally renamed VSP to Trout Unlimited’s Service Partnership. With this new name came a new mission as well. Trout Unlimited offered to first responders – specifically members of the fire service, medical, and law enforcement communities, and their families – the same opportunities and recognition which were offered to the military community since 2011. This includes a free one-year introductory membership for new-to-Trout-Unlimited Veterans and First Responders and all the benefits of a paid membership.

GRTU Check Presentation
Trout Stocking 2013


Protecting, reconnecting, restoring and sustaining our cold water fisheries. It’s what we are here to do.


Our lease access program allows members access to fish the Guadalupe River at 14 private locations.


Engaging our young people in river ecology, conservation and fly fishing with an expert hosted parent/child weekend on the river.