Troutfest TX 2024

Conversation at Troutfest TX

Troutfest TX 24 planning is well underway and we are close to sold out in the Main tent after only starting the process on September 1st. Our Speaker lineup continues to be amazing annually with Heather Hodson, Pat Dorsey, George Daniel, Tiffany Yeates, Landon Mayer, Chris Johnson and more scheduled to be here. Troutfest TX is an all-volunteer run event and as a major fly fishing show is an extremely time-consuming endeavor for a very small group of GRTU volunteers. Thanks to all who make this an excellent NATIONAL event and allowed us to further TU’s mission and support many worthy groups, youth programs, TPWD and native fish programs here in Texas.

Tickets for the banquet and movie night will go on sale on November 15th. We anticipate another sellout event — so get your tickets early and we look forward to seeing you at TFTX 24! Follow us on social media and check the webpage here for the latest news.


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