March 2022 NLC Update

GRTU NLC Mark Dillow

The GRTU bylaws state: “The purpose of the NLC is to give the State Council a greater role to: Set, prioritize, and implement TU’s National Conservation Agenda; Provide a framework for issue-based coordination and collaboration among states; Strengthen and empower State Councils with leadership and staffing resources.”

When I addressed members at the chapter meeting last fall, I noted that most of us join TU because we want to learn to fish or to be involved in conservation projects. I have yet to meet anyone who joined so they could attend budget meetings, five year strategy plan meetings, or participate in bylaws revisions.

The reality is without those administrative underpinnings, TU couldn’t do any of the exciting things we do, like youth education and habitat restoration.

A primary function of the NLC rep is to act as a conduit to and from the state (and their associated chapters and state councils) to the national TU organization.

The GRTU board of directors elects the NLC rep for Texas. The rep serves a 1 year term, with a maximum of five consecutive terms.

Each NLC rep is expected to participate on at least one NLC organizational working group, and one conservation working group of their choosing. Working group participation is open to all Trout Unlimited members, but they are chaired by NLC reps. The current work groups are as follows:

Conservation WorkgroupsOrganizational Work Groups
Climate ChangeDiversity & Inclusion
Delaware RiverGrassroots
Driftless Area Restoration Effort    New Initiatives
Great LakesYouth Education
Land Conservancy
Native Trout
Responsible Energy

With TU’s new 5 year strategic plan, the NLC is reviewing the structure and content of the work groups to determine if changes would allow closer alignment to the plan.

I currently chair the New Initiatives work group, whose responsibilities include acting as the nominating committee for grassroots trustee. Grassroots trustees along with at-large trustees, the NLC chair and secretary comprise the TU board.

We currently have an open seat, as one trustee resigned prior to completing his term. The New Initiatives work group is working to nominate a person to complete that unfinished term, to be confirmed at the July national meeting.

We also will be electing a new NLC chair and secretary, as well as nominating 2 grassroots trustees to fill seats opening up as people term out in September at the NLC quarterly meeting.

If you have any questions or concerns that I can answer about the NLC, please email me at DillowM@GRTU.Org.


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Our lease access program allows members access to fish the Guadalupe River at 14 private locations.


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