Conservation Update

Trout in Net on Guadalupe

Spring has officially sprung and seems to be giving way to summer a bit more quickly than most of us desire.  That being said, fishing across the Texas Hill Country has been fantastic and the same can be said of much of the state.   I sincerely hope that you all have taken advantage of the lovely weather we have been enjoying and the fishing that has accompanied it!

I have just a short conservation update this go-round.  Our environmental attorney recently brought a legal issue with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regarding angler representation to our attention. I was unable to personally attend the hearing at the State Capitol; however, as a chapter we formally responded with a written statement that can be viewed here:

We are still actively involved as a chapter in the Willow Creek Rio Grande Cutthroat project in New Mexico.  Fish were restocked in the uppermost portion of the watershed last year and the current plan is that the entire stream will receive a reintroduction of Rio Grande Cutthroats later this year!  I will have more information as the project progresses.

As mentioned in the February chapter meeting, GRTU received a Coldwater Outreach Conservation Grant request from the Rocky Mountain Flycasters Chapter located in Colorado.  The grant requested funding to help aid in the reintroduction of Greenback Cutthroat Trout in the Poudre River headwaters.  The grant was formally approved by GRTU and as a chapter, we are now assisting in the much-needed restoration of the beautiful Greenback Cutthroat Trout.  More information about the project can be found at the following links:

That’s a quick overview for now, but we have plenty of other irons in the fire!  It is so exciting to see GRTU is involved in so many wonderful projects ranging from Guadalupe Bass locally to restoring native trout in our neighboring states and beyond!  Thank you for being a part of GRTU and for supporting conservation!

Chris Johnson, GRTU Conservation Chair


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