GRTU LAP Membership

The LAP process was totally revamped this past 2022-2023 season and we are proud to say that it was a tremendous success! Many of you have expressed how easy the process was for you this past year and how thankful you are for the work that went into making it work so well! Everyone really enjoyed the online Zoom orientation classes that were presented by Chris Johnson, who did a fantastic job communicating about the LAP in a very entertaining manner! Thank you for the wonderful comments and feedback that were given on this new LAP process.

So, the process will be very similar this year! Please continue to check the GRTU website for specific details on the LAP beginning in June. All the information you need to participate in the LAP program will be communicated via the website and email address on your membership record. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME AND MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS CURRENT ON YOUR TU.ORG RECORD! THAT EMAIL ADDRESS IS WHAT WE USE TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOU.

I would like to begin to communicate with everyone that I was very, very lenient in working with members who did not know of the new process and the cutoff dates for certain steps of the process. I did this because it was the first year of the new process. THIS YEAR I WILL ASK THAT EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION TO THE TIMELINE AND MEET THE DEADLINES! I will not extend the cut-off dates. It is too difficult to maintain the accuracy of the data and move from step to step when exceptions are made to the cut-off dates! SO PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS NOTIFICATION AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR REQUIRED STEPS BY THE CUT-OFF DATE IF YOU INTEND TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE LAP PROGRAM.

I’m looking forward to helping you with any membership needs that you may have.  I can be contacted at anytime.

Robilyn Pettit, GRTU Membership and LAP Co-Coordinator


Protecting, reconnecting, restoring and sustaining our cold water fisheries. It’s what we are here to do.


Our lease access program allows members access to fish the Guadalupe River at 14 private locations.


Engaging our young people in river ecology, conservation and fly fishing with an expert hosted parent/child weekend on the river.