Treasurer’s Report

GRTU Treasurer Report

The Chapter continues to be in good financial health. Since the start of our 2023-2024 fiscal year on April 1, 2023, the Board has reviewed and approved the budget for the year. We have approved a disbursement of profits from Troutfest Texas 2023 to the following organizations:

  • The GRTU Foundation
  • Casting for Recovery
  • Project Healing Waters
  • Reel Recovery – Texas
  • Fishing’s Future
  • TPWD Intern
  • TPWD – Guadalupe Bass Restoration Initiative
  • CRRC Food Pantry
  • Canyon Lake Animal Shelter

Presentation of these checks will be done at the Fall Meeting in November 2023. We have submitted our annual report to Trout Unlimited National as well as submitting our 2022-2023 990 tax return to the IRS. The Lease Access Program registration period is in effect with email reminders going out to all to get your TU National membership up to date. As usual, we anticipate great demand.  We also anticipate the program to again perform to budget. Preparations for Troutfest Texas 2024 have begun. We will begin banquet and movie ticket sales later this year. Again, we anticipate a successful TFTX24 in February of next year.

Brad Garner, GRTU Treasurer


Protecting, reconnecting, restoring and sustaining our cold water fisheries. It’s what we are here to do.


Our lease access program allows members access to fish the Guadalupe River at 14 private locations.


Engaging our young people in river ecology, conservation and fly fishing with an expert hosted parent/child weekend on the river.