Conservation Update

Guadalupe River Trout peaking out of the water

I would like to thank everyone who participated in our recent river cleanup!  We had 45 volunteers that picked up quite a bit of trash and had a good time doing it!  Thanks to Brad Wilkins for rustling the grub and a HUGE thank you to the Gruene Outfitters team for coordinating the event in my absence!  Clean-up events are a simple way to show our home water some love throughout the year and they are especially important at the close of the tubing season.  Thank you again to all who attended.

I am still speaking with Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries regarding a future brown trout egg project on the upper Guadalupe Tailrace.  While no formal plans have been set in stone, the ball is rolling in that direction!   I will announce more about the project as it takes shape in the months ahead.

Lastly, word on the street is that a fair number of trout survived our brutal Texas summer.  As always, there will be a number of our members that want to pursue “holdovers” before the unofficial start of the Texas trout season.  PLEASE remember to carry a water thermometer with you at all times and cease fishing/targeting trout if the water temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit or greater.  The last thing any of us needs to do is stress a trout unnecessarily after it has made it through a long, dry summer.  Once water temperatures are safe to target trout, please remember to still keep your fish wet and in the water as much as possible to ensure survival.

I look forward to seeing many of you on the water and at Troutfest TX.

Chris Johnson, GRTU Conservation Chair


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